Every individual possesses the ability to contribute to making the world a slightly better place.

Whether it involves launching large-scale recycling initiatives or merely adjusting one’s daily routines, Vortex Man urges each of us to battle waste in our own way. Can you envision the profound impact we could have on this world if we all collaborated to eradicate waste?

Meet the Vortex Universe team, who together passionately dedicate their personal and professional lives to creating a more sustainable planet. Are you prepared to join us in the fight?

Our Hero


Navy Seal Michael Olschan, on a mission to protect a top-secret experiment in the North Pacific Gyre, is blasted into the polluted sea. He awakens to find himself changed — plastics, glass and metals are permanently embedded in his body. A new eco-warrior, Vortex Man, is born.

As he gradually learns to control them, Vortex Man can transform the plastic and metals embedded in his body, as well as those around him. Creating weapons, shields, modes of transportation, or anything else he can imagine.

Headshot of Vortex Man Comic Book Character
Headshot of Issac Shweky



From a very young age, Isaac Shweky has been an avid environmentalist, devoting his personal and professional life to furthering his goal of building a sustainable society. Through the Vortex Universe, he hopes to leave a lasting legacy and is committed to changing the way we as humans think about our disposable society.

Chief Executive Officer


Amy Cooper co-founded Fulfillment Works, a full-service 3PL company, in June 1999. As CEO, Amy navigated the challenges of client management, lead generation, corporate marketing, and motherhood on a daily basis. Amy was instrumental in growing the business from its humble beginnings to eventually employing more than 200 employees in three different sites around the nation. Amy has always had a passion for helping young entrepreneurs and women in business, and prior to Fulfillment Works, she was an educator, teaching first grade in suburban Boston. Amy holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Simmons College and a Master’s in Education from the University of Massachusetts. In September 2021, Fulfillment Works was acquired by Stord, Inc., an industry leader in the supply chain space.

Headshot of Amy Cooper
Headshot of Kevin Pelletier

Chief Strategy Officer


Over the past decade, as the Director of Reverse Recycling, Kevin’s mission has been to find value in all incoming waste. Utilizing Reverse’s extensive network to divert waste from the organic all the way to the packaging components — nothing goes to waste. Utilizing their Waste Stream Management Program, Kevin has provided his client base with extensive statistical data to build a strong “green” carbon footprint that deeply contributes to their ESG sustainability goals. Kevin excels at thinking outside the box and coming up with solutions that promote environmental awareness and sustainability.

Chief Financial Officer


Kelly Jackson started playing with numbers right out of high school when she worked as a Cashier at a local automobile dealership. Her strength in finance-related activities was recognized by leadership, and she quickly moved up the ladder from Cashier to Office Manager where she ran the entire back office for the dealership. That experience catapulted her into her next role of Controller at a multi-franchise dealership in Hartford, CT, where she continued to build her resume in corporate finance. In 2002, Kelly was hired as VP of Finance to handle the finances for a local entrepreneur’s seven (7) companies. There she managed all aspects of bookkeeping, tax reporting, payroll, and more. Kelly is a master at financial organization, creating and managing budgets, and keeping organizations financially sound.

 Although Kelly loves all things finance, her real passion lies with animals. She has a menagerie of species as pets and a roster of frequent backyard visitors (including opossums, bunnies, bears, and foxes, just to name a few) that she adores watching. Kelly’s devotion to animals has led her to volunteer at several non-profits that support the protection and health of both domesticated pets and animals in the wild. Kelly’s dream is to swim with dolphins and sea turtles.

Headshot of Kelly Jackson
Headshot of J.R. Young

General Counsel


With a broad and diverse background in intellectual property law, J.R. has assisted clients with patent drafting, patent opinion work, and trademark filings and opinion work for various start-up technology companies. J.R. also has over 20 years of experience in ERP software implementations for large healthcare and financial institutions.