The visionary artists behind the Vortex Universe are masters of their craft, translating the environmental crusade onto vibrant, visually stunning pages.

Their illustrations breathe life into this eco-conscious superhero, capturing the essence of the green movement’s urgency and hope. With a deft hand and a profound understanding of the series’ ecological message, the artists have created a captivating visual narrative that not only entertains but also ignites a spark of environmental awareness in the hearts of readers. Their talent and dedication make the world of Vortex Universe come alive, inspiring readers to embrace a more sustainable tomorrow.

Headshot of Ian Akin



Ian Akin was obsessed with Marvel comics as a kid and followed that passion into the comics industry, first as an assistant to Danny Bulanadi (along with Brian Garvey), and then working directly for Marvel, DC, Disney, and other companies. He worked with Garvey in tandem for about ten years, then on his own for the same time. After being largely out of the business for several years, Ian is once again collaborating with Brian on such projects as Theft (for Duke University), and on developing the Vortex Man Universe.



Brian Garvey took an animation class from classic Disney artist Lee Blair, and through that class, met Ian Akin, with whom he collaborated for many years. Brian worked for Marvel, DC, Disney, Dark Horse Comics, and more before getting into the animation field, working for Dreamworks for 5 years. Over the last decade, he has worked on such projects as Theft (for Duke University), as well as helping develop the Vortex Man Universe, illustrating over 50 new characters, and several comic books.