The vision of Vortex Universe is simple: to create a world liberated from Waste. As the hero of our universe, Vortex Man serves as an inspirational figure for people of all ages, combating Waste and calling upon everyone to unite in the fight. Are you ready to join us in the battle?


The time is now! Get to know our world, our heroes, and our villains.


Comic book superhero Vortex Man is the guardian of a growing movement seeking a greener tomorrow. His mission is to fight for a world without waste. Enter our universe and join him in protecting our planet and forging a brighter future.


10% of our proceeds go to support organizations that help support our mission. Become part of the movement today!


The road to Vortex Universe began with a simple concept: How do we personify the fight to eliminate Waste in a fun, dynamic, and accessible way?

After a great deal of ideation and iteration, that idea eventually led us to our first issued comic. Here’s your chance to meet the team that brought the Vortex Universe to life, and continues to drive its message of hope and change for a brighter tomorrow.

“Every little bit counts. Let’s think of ways to save our planet.”

Michael Olschan, A.K.A. Vortex Man


How Does Air Pollution lead to Disease?

From smog hanging over cities to smoke inside the home, air pollution poses a major threat to health and climate across the globe. We will take a deep dive into how air pollution impacts your organs, what diseases are associated with air pollution, the leading pollutants linked to these diseases, and some high-risk factors such as exposure.

1 Million Lost Lobster Traps Are at the Bottom of Long Island Sound. Now what?

At the bottom of Long Island Sound are anywhere from 800,000 to 1.2 million abandoned lobster traps, sitting derelict and rotting on the ocean floor, becoming a problem for the environment. Hear how a crew from the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium is making an effort to fix that.

Waste Dumping: The Ripple Effect and Environmental Consequences

In a world that thrives on progress and consumption, often without considering the impacts, management of waste has become a critical concern. Improper waste disposal practices and rampant dumping have severe potential consequences on our environment. From soil and air pollution to the contamination of oceans and groundwater, the effects of waste dumping are far-reaching and demand our immediate attention.